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We pride ourselves in offering the best and freshest local food possible, sourcing unique items and constantly providing our customers with only the finest food.

We’re committed to providing our customers with a wide variety of quality items, always searching for healthy quality products to bring to our aisles.  All of our items in every department are chosen to please – with purpose.


The Bownesian Grocer. Creating community through Food.


Whether you’re looking for the freshest produce, butcher-cut meats, fresh baked bread, some fine cheese from our deli or an outstanding meal from our in-store Executive Chef, you’ll always find what you need in our well-stocked Departments.

Post Office

We are proud to offer a Parcel Pick-up service for Bowness and sell basic stamps, envelopes and flat rate pre-paid parcels for shipping in Canada.

Our Community

We are located in the beautiful NW Calgary community of Bowness.  Craig, Leann and staff always look forward to welcoming you to their place in our “village in the valley”!

The Bownesian Advantage

Earn points and get rewarded with The Bownesian’s very own Rewards Program!

What’s Cooking

Teff – the Recipe!

Teff – the Recipe!

By Julia MacPhee C.H.N.C., Pn1, Nutritional consultant, FitNutrition Consulting Did you know that Teff is considered world’s smallest grain? But don’t be fooled by its size!  This mighty gluten-free grain is high in iron, protein and fiber. It also contains good...

"Deli serves hot lunch every day and it is remarkable. Home cooked hot lunches by an amazing chef every day!


– Google Review

"I would move back to bowness just for this grocery store. Has a small town feel to it and their products are consistently high quality. The hot food items are amazing and the sweetest staff serve you up. If you're lucky they'll give you a sample of something they're cooking. Thank you for being you bowness!!"


– Google Review

"Staff always friendly, clean store great sales and always well stocked."


– Google Review

"One of the most incredibly staffed companies that I've ever come across the people will go out of your way to do anything that you asked I'm telling you if you live in the area you must shop here."


– Google Review

Benefits of Himalayan salt
Enjoy your food seasoned with the Himalayan sea salt while getting additional minerals.
Himalayan salt, in comparison to a regular table salt is less refined and contains naturally occurring minerals and trace amounts of iron oxide, which gives it a pink color. It has small amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium, helping balance electrolytes in the body and make it slightly lower in sodium than regular table salt. In addition, unlike commercial table salt Himalayan sea salt has not been fortified with Iodine, which has its own benefits, for example if you are struggling with high Thyroid function.
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